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WDW Trip Planning with a Medically Fragile Child or Adult - FAQ

Updated: Mar 17

Children who are medically fragile deserve to have a vacation where they can just be a kid like everyone else. However, traveling with a medically fragile child or adult brings a whole new set of complications. WDW is extremely accommodating when traveling with someone with these kind of complex needs. Let’s answer some of the questions you might have when planning a vacation with a medically fragile child or adult.

What resort hotel accommodations are available when traveling with a child or adult who is medically fragile?

Walt Disney World Resorts have a variety of accessible rooms spread throughout each of the resorts. The accommodations that can be requested include:

  • Wheelchair accessible with a tub.

  • Wheelchair accessible with a roll-in shower

  • Bed accessories, such as beds with open frames, bed railings or rubber bed pads.

  • Beds with lower height.

  • For bathroom support there are rooms with amenities like portable commodes, a bathroom tub with a transfer bench, widened bathroom doors, roll-in showers for wheelchair users, shower benches, wheelchair accessible vanities, bathroom rails and handheld shower heads.

  • Room Communication Kits that can include door knock and phone alerts, phone amplifiers, bed shaker notification, a strobe-light smoke detector and a Text Typewriter (TTY) telephone.

  • All rooms, whether accessible or not, have entry doors that are 32-36 inches wide and fit a standard wheelchair or ECV. Bathroom doors in a regular room may not be large enough to accommodate a wheelchair.

These Accessible rooms can be booked online or by calling Disney’s reservation number (407) 939-7211 or through using a travel agent who is knowledgeable in travel with special needs individuals.

What if we have medication that needs refrigeration?

All resort hotels have “chiller” (small refrigerators) where medication that needs refrigeration can be kept, so there is no need to request one. If you need a larger one for a medical reason contact Guest Services before arrival and they may be able to accommodate you. It may be easier to rent a DVC room as those have kitchens or kitchenettes with larger refrigerators.

If your room is not available upon arrival, the hotel will be able to store medication that requires refrigeration in a refrigerator for you until you can access your room.

In the parks medication that needs refrigeration may be stored at the First Aid Centers. First Aid Centers can be found on the MDE app in the interactive map by hitting the down arrow under Guest Services. Look for the cross icon.

Are there accommodations for waiting in lines in the park?

All WDW queues are ADA compliant and are able to be accessed with a wheelchair or an ECV.

If your medically fragile family member’s disorder will make waiting in line for extended periods of time extremely difficult or has a disability where they cannot have prolonged exposure to sun, heat, or other outdoor elements they will qualify for Disney’s Disability Access System. See our post here with more information about how to register for and use DAS.

Where in the Park can I find a quiet, sanitary place to help my medically fragile family member with a feeding tube?

The Baby Centers at all parks are a good place for this. The Baby Centers can be found on the MDE app in the interactive map by hitting the down arrow under Guest Services. Look for the pacifier icon. Note, that the Baby Center can store supplies that need to be kept frozen or refrigerated. These can either be stored at First Aid, or you can bring a cooler and add ice from any food and drink location or First Aid.

Can I use my stroller as a wheelchair for my magically fragile child?

Yes, but you will need to get a tag from Guest Services. Afterwards you will be able to keep your child in the stroller in lines and at restaurants the same way you would if they were in a wheelchair.

Can I rent medical supplies at the WDW resort?

Disney has a concierge medical service it contracts with. You can rent many medical supplies from them. Note that some things will require a prescription from a physician. Learn more about it here.

Where can I find companion restrooms in the WDW resorts?

It isn’t always easy to find a quick online list of the companion restrooms at the Walt Disney Resorts, so we put together a quick reference list for you here.


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