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Disney with the Disabilities 

We've been traveling to Walt Disney World for many years with family members on the autism spectrum, ADHD, and who deal with anxiety. We've also traveled with family members with medical issues and mobility issues.  Let's look at what we've learned and how to best manage a trip with disabilities. If you are looking for more information on the changes to Disney's DAS click here.


When traveling with a neurodiverse child or adult you need to think a little differently in order to facilitate a vacation where your loved one’s needs are taken into account.  Let's look at planning a trip to Disney through that lens.  Read More

What is Disney's Disability Access Service (DAS)?  Who qualifies for it and who doesn't? Everything you need to know about DAS and how one acquires it and uses it at the parks. Read More.

If you are looking for information about the changes Disney is making to DAS click here.

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We've traveled with a grandparent who had knee replacement, someone recovering from torn ligaments, and had someone sprain their ankle in the middle of a trip. Let's look at how to manage a trip to Walt Disney World with someone with a mobility issues. Read More


Let's explore at what accommodations are available at WDW including when you or a family member have a visual or auditory disability, travel with a service pet, or have a severe food allergy. 

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Let's look at accessibility at Universal Orlando and best practices for visiting Universal Studios Parks with someone neuro-atypical, with mobility issues, or another disability complication.   

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