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Dining at Disney

What you are going to eat and when is an important consideration when planning your Disney trip. Every family has a different budget, different tastes, and different ways they want to spend their time in the parks. Below we’ll go over some different options for eating at the parks including bringing your own food, snacking at the parks, quick service dining, and finally table service dining.


D-luxe Burger at Disney Springs

Let’s dive into meal options at the parks. If you are visiting WDW odds are you will end up at a quick service location sooner or later. We’ll talk about what you can expect at a quick service location, note that not all quick service is created equal, give you some time saving tips, and our favorite places to stop for a bite to eat.

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Tiffins at Animal Kingdom

If you are looking for a more substantial meal, a break from the hustle and bustle of the park, and/or a special dining experience a table service meal may be the way to go. Here we will discuss the different types of table service restaurants at Disney World, the importance of advanced dining reservations, and give our recommendations for some of the best dining on property. Read More


Donald Duck at Topolino's Terrace

If you or your family is looking for a fun Disney experience, character dining is a great option. At character dining locations, you and your family will get to enjoy your sit down meal while being visited by some of the most beloved Disney characters, from Mickey and Minnie popping by to say, "Hiya pal," to Disney princesses coming to greet you like royalty. Read More


Mickey Ice Cream Sandwich

If you are looking for snacking food for purchase within the Disney parks there are plenty of options both sweet and savory. You’ll find the traditional Mickey ice cream bars, popcorn, turkey legs, and so on all over the parks. But if you are willing to look a little closer there are some excellent snacking options - not knocking Mickey bars, but there is more out there that are great for a pick me up.​ Read More


One great way to save some money in the parks is by bringing your own food. This can mean anything from packing your own snacking food to bringing food for meals. Here we’ll discuss a few  things you should think about and know if you are planning to do this.

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Disney Dining Plan is back for 2024 packages.  Let's look at the two different levels, what is included in each, and if it is something that will work for your vacation.  Read More


Advance Dining Reservations (ADR).  Let's look at what they are, how and when to make them, and which restaurants are hardest to get. Read More


Check out our blog posts on the latest Disney dining news and our newest dining reviews. Read More

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