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Walt Disney World is an extremely active vacation with a huge amount of walking. If you or a family member are traveling to Walt Disney World and struggling with a mobility issue - be it a short term injury, arthritis, medical issue or another reason you may be struggling with whether or not you need to rent a scooter (Electronic Conveyance Vehicle or ECV) to manage your trip.  Let's look at the ins and outs of renting an ECV at WDW

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We've traveled with a family member recovering from knee replacement surgery who used an ECV at Walt Disney World. We’ve also had a trip go sideways when a family member hurt her ankle and ended up needing to use a wheelchair in the middle of the trip.  Let's look at the ends and outs of navigating the parks with a ECV or in a wheelchair. - Read More


Which rooms are accessible for charging an ECV? When you charge your ECV overnight at the resort, can you do so in the hallway or do you have to charge it in your room? Can you store your ECV with bell services at your resort hotel overnight? We spent HOURS researching things online before our trip and trying to find answers. Here is what we discovered through our research and personal experiences. Read More


Let's look at the ends and outs of navigating WDW transportation with a wheelchair or Scooter/Electronic Conveyance Vehicle (ECV). Read More 

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