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Disability Access Service FAQ

Updated: Apr 23

Disney offers a Disability Access Service (DAS) pass to assist people with disabilities that make waiting in long lines or in crowded spaces difficult. Learn all about the DAS pass, if you might qualify, and how to use it to make a Disney trip with a neuro-divergent individual in your group.

***Updated April 11, 2024 - Changes are coming to Disney's Disability Access Service. To read more about what is changing and how that might effect your Disney vacation plans click here.

Disney’s Disability Access Service (or DAS) is in place to aid people who might otherwise have trouble in a theme park setting. It doesn’t magically do away with every challenge someone who might need the DAS will likely face at a Disney park. Crowds will still be prevalent, there are still a million miles to walk, and the days are long, but some careful planning and a touch of flexibility (sometimes more than a touch) will help manage that. DAS is a wonderful tool that Disney offers for families who would struggle without it. It is not for everyone, and people have unfortunately abused the system in the past. This has caused the pass to change over time, to limit some of the advantages and hopefully make it less appealing to people looking to work the system. If using the pass will help you or someone in your family then you should definitely use it, but otherwise please leave it for those who truly need it.

What is DAS?

DAS stands for Disability Access Service. It is Walt Disney World’s way to help people with disabilities who struggle with waiting in a traditional stand-by queue. A DAS pass essentially holds your place in a line, allowing you and your family to do something else while you wait for your return time. Then you are able to scan in, hop in the lightning lane, have a short wait, and pop on the ride.

So DAS is a line-skipping service, like buying an Individual Lightning Lane or MaxPass at Universal Studios?

No. It’s essentially a virtual queue, but one you can get for almost every attraction. The idea being that you are still “waiting in line” you just are not actually in line but somewhere else.WIth DAS you use your MDE app to pick an experience and are given a come-back time equivalent to the current wait time of the ride. Another experience may be selected after you have scanned in for the current choice.

Who Qualifies for DAS?

Adults and children with a hidden disability such as Autism, Anxiety, ADHA, etc. that make waiting in line for extended periods of time extremely difficult. Anyone with a disability where they cannot have prolonged exposure to sun, heat, or other outdoor elements would also qualify.

What about if you have limited mobility?

DAS is designed to help people who struggle with WAITING in line, rather than standing in it. People who have limited mobility including those in a wheelchair or using an Electric Conveyance Vehicle (ECV) do not qualify for DAS. Almost all of WDW lines are accessible to both wheelchairs and ECVs. For those few that are not, such as Thunder Mountain, you will be given an individual comeback time for that attraction.

How do you get DAS?

You can either preregister for DAS online or get it set up at guest relations in one of the parks.

How do you preregister for a DAS?

Guests who are eligible for DAS can register in advance virtually with a Cast Member on the Walt Disney World official website here. The person in need of the DAS must be present for the virtual call even if they are a minor. Wait times can be very long when registering virtually. We have found it better to do it first thing in the morning rather than waiting until later in the day. Read our FAQ on preregistering here.

Why should you pre-register?

Depending on the time of day and number of guests waiting at guest relations, waiting to get DAS set up in the parks can take time away from your park touring time. We’ve waited as long as 30-45 minutes in the past to get this done in the park. Additionally, if you pre-register virtually, the cast member will allow you to make two DAS attraction “reservations” per day ahead of time. These pre-selections must be made at the same park each day and are subject to availability. You can request a time frame, but it again is subject to availability. You will be given a one hour window to arrive at the chosen attraction. Each park has one or two attraction that are not available for pre-selection, these include the paid ILL attractions and a couple additional popular attractions like Frozen Ever After and Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure.

Can I not make another DAS selection until after I have experienced my first two pre-selections?

Your pre-selections and their times do NOT affect your ability to select DAS attraction come back times at the park. You can make your first selection as soon as your entire party is through the turn-styles and then make your next as soon as you have scanned in for your first one. Your pre-selections are completely independent.

How can I register for DAS in the parks?

You can register at Guest services inside any of the theme parks when you arrive the first day of your visit. It must be done inside the parks. Your entire planning party must be present when registering at the parks. In order to add someone later, you must return to Guest Services. See our post here for more information.

Which attractions can be DAS selections?

All attractions that have a lightning lane option. This will include all the attractions available for selection through Genie+ and the paid individual lightning lane attractions. Below is a full list of attractions available for DAS while you are in the parks. *Attractions with an asterisk next to them are not available for pre-selection, but can be selected once you are in the park.

Magic Kingdom

  • The Barnstormer

  • Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

  • Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin

  • Dumbo the Flying Elephant

  • Enchanted Tales with Belle

  • Haunted Mansion

  • "it's a small world"

  • Jungle Cruise

  • Mad Tea Party

  • The Magic Carpets of Aladdin

  • The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

  • Meet Ariel at Her Grotto

  • Meet Cinderella and a Visiting Princess at Princess Fairytale Hall

  • Meet Mickey at Town Square Theater

  • Meet Princess Tiana and a Visiting Princess at Princess Fairytale Hall

  • Mickey's PhilharMagic

  • Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor

  • Peter Pan's Flight

  • Pirates of the Caribbean

  • Seven Dwarf’s Mine Train*

  • Tomorrowland Speedway

  • Under the Sea ~ Journey of The Little Mermaid


Disney's Hollywood Studios

Disney's Animal Kingdom

What about rides with a virtual queue?

You cannot currently select a DAS come back time for attractions with a virtual queue. For these attractions, if you manage to get a spot in the virtual queue, when your group is called you can enter the ride line through the lightning lane instead of joining the standard queue. You will need to see a cast member, after your group is called, so that they can make this adjustment in your reservation.

What about character meet and greets without a lightning lane?

There is no accommodation for these experiences at present. In general, if you time it right, you can manage only waiting a short time to see most of these characters. The notable exception is the Anna and Elsa meet and greet in Epcot, which has no lightning lane and often has a lengthy queue.

What about evening shows?

There is no way to reserve viewing through DAS for the evening shows. There are however choices you can make to avoid some of the crowds. For the Epcot fireworks we recommend choosing a spot to watch early and avoiding the “prime” viewing locations like in the plaza, or on the bridges near Italy and France. We found a place to watch to the left of Japan that didn’t have too many people around us. For Hollywood Studio’s Fantasmic! we recommend heading over to the amphitheater early and asking a cast member if you can sit toward or at the back. We've been able to sit in the handicap viewing area. If you explain your situation they are generally very accommodating. At Magic Kingdom there is a wheel chair viewing area that cast members will sometimes let guests with the DAS pass use. We recommend checking if this is an option, and going ahead and waiting in that area early as it fills up quickly. If this is not an option, we’ve found watching the fireworks from in front of the Crystal Palace is a less crowded area, though the view is obstructed, or at the end of Main Street from the train station. You will need to claim this spot early.

How many friends and family can join on the DAS?

Up to five additional guest may be included in the DAS once it is approved - six in total. Anyone in your party must be linked to the DAS.

How do I add friends and family to my DAS?

They must be linked to your planning party, read how to do that here, if you are registering online or can be added at Guest Relations inside the park. You will have to request they be added at the time of the virtual call in order for them to be included in the pre-selection attractions. Everyone being linked to the DAS must be present with the person holding the DAS in order to be added in the park.

How do I make a DAS attraction selection in the parks?

You will access your DAS within the MDE app. Navigate over to the icon on the bottom right (the three horizontal lines). Then scroll down. You should have an option to select Disability Access Service. From there you can view attractions and their wait times. By selecting an individual attraction you will be taken to the screen for that attraction and from there you can select to make a DAS selection (should be next to where you would make a LL selection). You cannot make DAS selections for attractions that do not have a lightning lane available. You will then select the members of your party who will be riding the attraction and hit confirm to finalize the reservation.

How do I use DAS in the parks?

You access your DAS within the MDE app. Tap the Disability Access Service button to access the area of the app with rides and comeback times. After picking an experience, such a Space Mountain, you can then go and sit or browse a store until the come back time. You typically scan in with your magicband or ticket through the lighting lane entrance. The DAS holder will need to scan in first and be approved by a cast member. Then other members of the party will scan in. If someone has been selected to ride the attraction on the DAS, but does not, you will need to have that selection cleared from them before you can add them to another selection. You may still have a short wait time before boarding the ride. You can immediately schedule your next DAS time once you have scanned in. Note some attractions have two areas to scan, you will not be able to make another selection until you are past both scanning places. Anyone in the planning party may make the DAS selections, but the person who is registered for the DAS must be present for each attraction and must scan in first.

You can also schedule a come back time at any of the guest relation stops throughout the park.

Read more in our post here,

What happens if I am late for a DAS come-back time?

If it is a pre-selection DAS there is an hour window. If you can not make it to the attraction in that window it is at the discretion of the cast member who is manning the line for the ride whether or not they will allow you in.

If it is a virtual line come back time scheduled that day, you can come any time after the indicated come back time. It does not expire as long as it is the same day. You can not, however, schedule another DAS come-back time until you have scanned in for the original one.

What if we decide not to ride something we have a DAS reservation for?

You can cancel your DAS selection either in the app by navigating to your DAS reservation and scrolling down until you see an option to cancel this reservation, or by going to one of the guest relation stops where they will be able to help you. Remember, you cannot make another DAS attraction selection while you have an existing reservation.


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