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Using Disability Access Service in the Parks

Updated: Apr 9

How do I make a Disability Access Service (DAS) attraction comeback time selection in the parks?

The easiest and quickest way to make a DAS selection is in your My Disney Experience (MDE) app. Once you have registered, either online or in the park, you will be able to make DAS comeback time selections.

Go to the more page in your MDE app (three horizontal lines in the bottom right corner) and scroll down to the bottom. There you will find a DAS tile to select. From there you will see a list of all the attractions you can book a DAS return time for. You can select an attraction, then choose DAS, this is right next to where you would book a lightning lane. It will tell you what your DAS return time is under the DAS logo. From there you will select the members of your party who will be riding the attraction, and then confirm your selection. ****If you do not do the final confirmation you will not have actually scheduled the return time.

You can also go to any of the Guest Relations blue umbrellas and they can help you set up a return time for an attraction.

When can I book the next DAS comeback time?

Once you have scanned in for the current selection, you can return to your MDE app to make another comeback time selection. Note, on some attractions there is more than one place to scan in. For those attractions you cannot make your next selection until you have scanned through both points.


Why can’t I add someone to my selection?

First, make sure everyone you want to add has scanned into the park. You cannot add anyone who is not with you in the park.

Next, check to make sure that everyone you want to add is on the DAS. To include someone in the DAS selection they must be included on the DAS as part of your party. If this is not the case you will need to go to Guest Services in the park to have them added. Remember you can only have 6 people on the DAS, the holder of the DAS and 5 additional people.

If you have selected someone for an attraction and they do not ride then you cannot add them to another selection until that reservation is clearer from their name. You will need to go to a Guest Relations blue umbrella and ask them to clear the selection from that guest.

If none of those are the problem then you will need to go to a Guest Relations blue umbrella to have them look at your DAS. They can generally get things fixed quickly.

I have DAS set up but I cannot find it in the app, what do I do?

The DAS selection will only pop in in your app once you are physically present at, and scanned into, a theme park. Sometimes, we have found, once you enter your first park of your trip it still doesn’t immediately appear. In that instance there are a couple things you can try:

Try logging out of and back into the app.

Another way to troubleshoot this would be by simply opening up an attraction in the app, either by going to the Genie planning page and selecting an attraction, or by looking at wait times on the interactive map. When you select an attraction the DAS option should be there. Once you have selected the first DAS comeback time, often the DAS tile will appear.

Another way to jog your app is by navigating to your pre-selected DAS attraction reservations, which will be in your upcoming plans on your home page. We have found that sometimes clicking on one of these selections, to look at the details, will remind your app that you have an active DAS.

If none of these things works then you can go to a Guest Relations blue umbrella where they can check on your DAS to make sure everything is set up correctly. They can also make comeback time selections for you. Sometimes by having the first one set up it causes the app to populate the DAS tile and selection capability.


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