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WDW Transportation with a EVC or Wheelchair

Navigating WDW transportation with a wheelchair or Scooter/Electronic Conveyance Vehicle (ECV).


Are buses at WDW wheelchair and ECV accessible?

Yes. All buses have seats that fold up allowing for a ECV or wheelchair to be loaded. However, typically there is only space for two or three ECVs or wheelchairs per bus. These spaces allow ECVs and wheelchairs to be latched in safely.

How are wheelchairs and ECVs loaded onto the buses?

There is a ramp that can be lowered from the back door of the bus. The driver will lower this ramp, prior to allowing other guests to board, in order to load the ECV or wheelchair safely. If they are able to, guests are usually asked to move from the ECV or wheelchair into a regular seat.

What happens if the bus does not have a space for my wheelchair or ECV?

If these spaces are already filled, or if multiple Wheelchairs/ECVs are waiting to be loaded a guest could have to wait for another bus, which can be frustrating. The same will most likely happen if a guest with an ECV or wheelchair arrives when the bus is already loading. Buses usually arrived at different locations to pick up passengers every 15-20 minutes.

Where do guests using a ECV or a wheelchair wait for the buses?

ECV and wheelchair guests have their own spot to wait in at each bus stop, indicated on the ground by a handicap symbol. This allows the driver to see upon pulling up if there are any passengers needing to board with a ECV or Wheelchair.

When do guests using a wheelchair or ECV board?

ECV and Wheelchair guests and their families and boarded first. The ECV and Wheelchair guest is the last to be disembarked.

If a guest has a collapsible wheelchair can they board the bus through the non-accessible route?

If you have a wheelchair it is best that you still enter through the back door instead of trying to maneuver the wheelchair through the front door. If your wheelchair can be folded and you are able to enter and exit the bus independently, you may transfer to a seat, fold up your wheelchair, and have someone in your party hold on to the collapsed wheelchair the same way one might with a stroller.


Is the monorail accessible for guests using a wheelchair or ECV?

Yes. It is easy to navigate the monorail with a ECV or a wheelchair. Guests using a wheelchair or ECV access the monorail boarding area via a ramp at the Transportation and Ticket Center and the Magic Kingdom, and via an elevator at Epcot and all three monorail resort hotels. There is then an area a specified area to wait so a cast member knows you need help. A cast member will place a ramp for ease of boarding and direct you into the monorail car. Depending on your end destination, you may have to back out of the car in order to disembark.


Is the Skyliner accessible for guests using a wheelchair or ECV?

Disney’s Skyliner has a separate loading area for guests with an ECV or wheelchair. Gondolas stop completely in this zone and allow guests to drive or wheel in taking as much time as you need. The gondola is then rotated into the main line. Guests must back out of the gondola once they arrive at their destination.


Are the transportation boats accessible for guests using a wheelchair or ECV?

For the most part. Let’s break it down by type of boat.


Ferries from the Transportation and Ticket Center are easily navigated with an ECV or a wheelchair.

Water Taxis

The majority of the water taxi lines that run throughout the Walt Disney World resort are accessible by both wheelchair and ECV.


The boats that run on the line between Fort Wilderness, Wilderness Lodge, and the Contemporary Resort OR the line that runs between the Polynesian, Grand Floridian, and the Magic Kingdom have two types of boats. One type is NOT accessible by Wheelchair or ECV.

Minnie Vans

Are the Minnie Vans accessible for guests using a scooter or ECV?

All Minnie Vans are able to accommodate a wheelchair. There are some Minnie Vans which can accommodate a Scooterbug ECV. You will have to call (407) 828-3500 to request an ECV accessible Minnie Van.


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