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Renting a Wheelchair or Scooter/Electronic Conveyance Vehicle (ECV) at WDW

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

Walt Disney World is an extremely active vacation with a huge amount of walking. If you or a family member are traveling to Walt Disney World and struggling with a mobility issue - be it a short term injury, arthritis, medical issue or another reason - you may be struggling with whether or not you need to rent a scooter (Electronic Conveyance Vehicle or ECV) to manage your trip. Let's look at the ins and outs of renting an ECV at WDW

How do I know if I need to rent a Wheelchair or ECV?

There is a lot of walking and standing at WDW. Even if you plan an easier trip with a lot of breaks or a resort day – both of which we highly recommend – there is a huge amount of walking and standing. If you have recently recovered from an injury, surgery or have any kind of medical condition that in any way limited your ability to stand for long periods of time or walk long distances you may want to seriously consider an ECV rental. I personally went on a trip three months after recovering from a torn ligament in my ankle and by the third day the ankle was swollen again and painful. It forced me to limit some of my activities and plans for the rest of the trip. If you have any concerns at all about your abilities, an ECV is probably a good choice. The inconvenience of navigating crowds and transportation with an ECV is a small price to pay for the ability to enjoy your vacation rather than spend it in pain.

Can I rent a wheelchair or an ECV at the parks?

Yes. You can rent both a wheelchair or an ECV at all four parks as well as Disney Springs and the water parks - Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach. ECVs cost $50 per day with a $20 deposit at the parks or a $100 deposit at Disney Springs and the water parks. They are rented on a first come, first served basis. Wheelchairs can be rented for $12 a day or $10 per day for your length of stay. Length of Stay rentals are only applicable at each of the Disney Theme parks, allowing you to go pick up a wheelchair in each park. However, the wheelchair cannot be removed from the parks. All wheelchair rentals are on a first come, first served basis. Guests must be 18 and have a valid photo ID to rent and operate an ECV. Both wheelchairs and ECVs (as well as strollers) can be rented for your length of stay through private venders as well.

Where in the parks can I rent a wheelchair or ECV?

Animal Kingdom

Inside the main entrance to the right is Garden Gate Gifts where you can rent wheelchairs or ECVs.


Inside the main entrance to the left, near Spaceship Earth, is the main place to rent wheelchairs and ECVs.

You can also rent ECVs and wheelchairs at the back of the park at the International Gateway between the UK and France Pavilion.

Hollywood Studios:

Inside the main entrance and to the right is Oscar’s Super Service, which is where you can rent wheelchairs and ECVs.

Magic Kingdom:

Inside the main entrance before going under the train station, all the way to the right side is where wheelchairs and ECVs can be rented.

Transportation and Ticket Center:

At Mickey’s Gift Station at the TTC you can rent wheelchairs. ECVs are not available.

Disney Springs:

There is a location on the West Side, near the AMC theater, next to Sundries where you can rent wheelchairs and ECVs. We have also found a satellite location on the East Side, near Polite Pig, where you can rent wheelchairs.

You can find Guest Services locations where wheelchairs and ECVs may be rented by going to the interactive map on your MDE app. Click on the down arrow for Guest Services, then click on Show List in the right hand corner and scroll down to either ECV or Wheelchair rentals.

What are the Advantages of Renting from WDW?

If you only need limited support and are able to walk around your resort hotel and navigate transportation independently and without pain, then just renting at the parks may be ideal for you. You will not have to put up with the hassle of dealing with the ECV or wheelchair in your resort room, and the inconvenience of managing it on transportation. However, you do need to remember that wheelchairs and ECV are rented on a first come first, served basis. The parks tend to run out of ECVs during busier times of year.

Can I take my rental from park to park?

No, but you can save your receipt and get another one when you hop to the new park.

Can I take my wheelchair rental back to my resort if I choose a length of stay?

No, wheelchairs may not be taken out of the parks, even if you are staying on resort property.

Can I rent from an outside private vendor?

Yes. There are several vendors in the Orlando area where you can rent either a wheelchair or an ECV for your length of stay. You can also rent a stroller from most of the same vendors.

What are the advantages of renting from a private vendor?

You will have the wheelchair or ECV at the resort and when traveling to and from the parks from your resort hotel.

What is Disney’s preferred vendor?

Scooterbug is Disney’s preferred vendor for wheelchair and ECV rentals. Scooterbug rentals can be dropped off at an WDW resort hotel and picked up at guest services upon arrival. You can also return the rental to guest services when departing. With all other companies you must arrange to meet with a representative at your hotel in order to pick up and drop off your rental.

More information about renting a wheelchair or ECV from Scooterbug including cost and selection can be found here at their website or by calling (800) 726-8284.

What are other vendors in the Orlando area?

There are a wide variety of vendors that rent wheelchairs, ECVs, and even strollers for length of stay. We have only ever rented from Scooterbug and from WDW, so we cannot make any personal recommendations on any of these vendors. A list of the top rated venders on YELP can be found here.

Is my personal ECV allowed in the Disney Parks?

Yes, you can bring your personal ECV, or of course wheelchair, into the parks. There is a maximum size limit for an ECV of 32″ x 52″.

How does Disney Transportation work with a wheelchair or ECV?

See our post here on navigating Disney Transportation with a wheelchair or an ECV.


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