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Hollywood Studios Character Meet and Greet

Updated: Apr 14

Hollywood Studios is a great place to meet some of the most iconic and well loved characters Disney has to offer. Knowing where and when they are available is important when strategizing your meet and greets. Click here for downloadable maps of all the meet and greet locations.

Main Characters:

A number of characters are available to meet throughout the day at a permanent location, you will find wait time information for these characters in the MDE app under either Attractions or Entertainment.

Intermittent Characters:

Pop-up Character Sightings:

Character Dinning:

Tips for meeting the characters:

  • Character meet and greets tend to be very popular. For characters that have set meeting times, we recommend getting in line to meet them at least 15 minutes before they are scheduled to appear. Since these characters are only out for a set period of time, the line gets cut off once a specified number of guests has been reached.

  • Many meet and greets have photopass photographers on hand to capture the moment. We are big proponents of getting memory maker (more on that here) but if you don’t have it you can also ask the photographer to take a photo with your camera.

  • We recommend becoming familiar with your My Disney Experience (MDE) App, where you will be able to find available characters and times, under Characters, for when you are in the park.

  • Some of the character meet and greet locations are available with Genie+. These typically are available later in the day, so if meeting a character is a must for you it can be worth it to book a reservation as one of your later selections.

  • Almost all the characters who do actual meet and greets are happy to sign their autograph, which can be a fun souvenir and memento from your trip. You can buy autograph books around the park, make your own, or get creative and have characters sign an object. We’ve seen people carry around the matte from a photo frame, and then they can frame their Disney photo with the autographs, or a jacket that they ask characters to sign the back of. If you do a little thinking outside the box you can have a unique and fun souvenir to bring home.

Types of character experiences:


Main Characters

Sorcerer Mickey - You can meet Mickey in his sorcerer garb over on Commissary Lane at the Red Carpet Dreams. There is not a lightning lane available for this meet and greet, and the wait is typically between 30 and 45 minutes. The queue for meeting Mickey and Minnie is the same, you’ll meet one right after the other.

Minnie - You can meet Minnie Mouse all decked out in her Hollywood glam best. This is at the same queue as the sorcerer Mickey meet and greet on Commissary Lane at Red Carpet Dreams. There is not a lightning lane available for this meet and greet, and the wait is typically between 30 and 45 minutes. The queue for meeting Mickey and Minnie is the same, you’ll meet one right after the other.

BB-8 - Over in the Animation Courtyard in Star Wars Launch Bay you can meet BB-8 in person. He’s a real life animatronic who interacts with guests, though he does stay perched on his pedestal for ease of picture taking. There is no lightning lane available for meeting BB-8, however the line typically is not long.

Chewbacca - In the Animation Courtyard in Star Wars Launch Bay is the meet and greet location for chewbacca. He can also often be found in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, but he generally does not pose for photos there. There is no lightning lane available for meeting Chewbacca, and the line can get up to 30 minutes or more when the park is crowded.

Darth Vader - Also in the Animation Courtyard at Star Wars Launch Bay is the Darth Vader meet and greet. There is no lightning lane available for meeting Chewbacca, and the line can get up to 30 minutes or more when the park is crowded. Pro Tip: if you have a Disney Visa card there is a separate meet and greet location with a significantly shorter wait time for Darth Vader. The Visa Cardmember meet and greet opportunity is only available from 11am to 4pm through. Just look around or ask a Cast Member for where to find this special perk.

Ariel (from Live-Action) - In Walt Disney Presents in the Animation Courtyard area, you can find this meet and greet with the Live Action Little Mermaid. There is no lightning lane for this meet and greet and she typically gets a long line in the middle of day, so head here early if you want to meet Ariel.

Edna Mode - Pixar Place is the area off to the left as you are heading to Toy Story Land. There are a couple snack places and a few different character meet and greets. The Edna Mode Experience, where you can meet the infamous Edna Mode, is available most days from park opening to early evening. Check your MDE app for updated times during your visit.

Olaf - If you like warm hugs then head over to the Echo Lake Celebrity Spotlight to grab a hug and a photo with everyone’s favorite snowman, Olaf! This is the only character interaction with a lightning lane available, which you can grab with your Genie+. However, we don’t recommend this as any of your early Genie+ selections, since the line for Olaf is not typically too long. If meeting Olaf is important, and you are there during peak crowds, then you can typically grab a Genie+ return for this meet and greet later in the day.

Intermittent Characters

Fancy Nancy - For those with littles who are fans on Disney Junior, they can meet some of their favorite Disney Junior characters over in Animation Courtyard by Disney Junior Play & Dance. These characters each have their own queue, but they are all right next to each other making hopping from queue to queue easy enough. The first queue you will come to as you walk into Animation Courtyard is for Fancy Nancy.

Vampirina - Next up is Vampirina, to the left of Fancy Nancy’s meet and greet in Animation Courtyard.

Doc McStuffins - Following Vamirina is Doc McStuffins, ready to say hello to friends in her little area themed like the clinic from her show.

Pluto - Finally, right next to the Disney Junior Play & Dance entrance, is where Pluto meets friends.

Sulley - In Pixar Place at Gate East, Sulley (a.k.a. Kitty if your name is Boo) meets with guests throughout the day.

Mr. Incredible & Mrs. Incredible - Mr. and Mrs. Incredible meet guests together in Pixar Place at Gate West. The line for them can get long so check your MDE app for when they will be available and line up early to see them.

Frozone - Frozone meets guest in Pixar Plaza on and off throughout the day. Check the MDE app for more details.

Buzz Lightyear - As you enter Toy Story Land through the main entrance, you can find the Buzz meet and greet to the right side of the walkway. Early in the day it is possible to confuse his line with the queue for Slinky Dog, so pay attention to where the line leads.

Jessie & Woody - Jessie and Woody meet guests together just past the Toy Story Mania! entrance. They are quite popular so be prepared to wait for a bit to see them.

Chip & Dale - Along the edge of Echo Lake across from Peevy's you can meet Chip and Dale. They greet guests together, so you’ll get two characters for the price of one queue with them.

Donald Duck & Daisy Duck - You can meet Donald and Daisy Duck together on the edge of Echo Lake.

Goofy & Max - If you are a lover of the Goofy movie then you’ll want to stop off in Grand Avenue to meet Max and Goofy. This meet and greet location is on the right side of the main walk as you are heading toward Galaxy’s Edge. There is only one queue, but you will meet Goofy and Max separately.

Pop-up Character Sightings

Green Army Drum Corps - A fun group of toys to see in Toy Story Land are the Green Army Drum Corps. They do not have an official meet and greet but as they march through they have some really fun guest interactions and one or two will often stop for a quick photo.

Kylo Ren, Rey, Chewbacca, The Mandalorian (sometimes with Grogo), Vi Moradi, & First Order Storm Troopers - Around Batuu (a.k.a. Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge) you will see a number of Star Wars characters walking around and interacting with guests. None of these are a character meet & greets in the traditional sense. They will rarely stop for photos and they do not sign autographs. They are meant to be as a part of the land as the surrounding buildings, rides, and merchandise, bringing the Star Wars story to life.

Character Dining

Hollywood and Vine - Disney Junior Play n’ Dine for breakfast and Minnie’s Seasonal Dine for lunch and dinner

  • Disney Junior Play n’ Dine - At breakfast time you will get to see some of the most popular Disney Junior friends. Currently you will have the opportunity to visit with Vampirina, Fancy Nancy, Doc McStuffins, and Roadster Goofy.

  • Minnie’s Seasonal Dine - You will typically see Minnie & Mickey plus some of their friends (could be Goofy, Daisy, Donald, and/or Pluto) all decked out in their seasonal best, from channeling the glitz and glamor of Hollywood early in the year, to bright cheerful clothes for springtime, beach wear in the summer, fun spooky attire near Halloween, and finishing up with their holiday finest for Christmas.

    • Silver Screen Dine - January and February

    • Springtime Dine - March through May

    • Summertime Dine - May through sometime in August

    • Halloween Dine - August through November

    • Minnie’s Holiday Dine - November through December or early January

Click here for our guide to Character Dining across Walt Disney World.

Click the map below for PDFs our Downloadable Character Maps.


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