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When to Go

Updated: Apr 23

***Updated 4/23/24

There are a lot of things to consider when choosing what dates to book for a Walt Disney World vacation. The thing most people are looking to check are the crowd levels. Unfortunately, the days of “off-season” at the parks are long gone. The increase in travel demand following COVID, access to information online, and some scheduling on Disney’s part have made it so that crowd levels at the parks are pretty high year-round.

There do exist a very few sweet spot times when schools are in session and there are no scheduled events, however things like staffing adjustments, lowered capacity due to ride closures during refurbishments, and shorter park hours leave the parks still feeling crowded. This is why a strategy and park plans are important to maximize park time. However, there are many other things to consider when choosing when to go to WDW, ranging from weather conditions, special events, and possibility of getting discounts. Below we have a snap shot of the entire year in one document, with tons of information in one place, from dates that lead to crowd spikes detailed, fun events to be aware of, to information on weather and expected crowd levels.

When to Visit WDW 04.23.24
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