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Pin Trading

Updated: Mar 31

What is pin trading ?

Pin trading is just that, it is where you have a pin and trade it with cast members throughout the WDW parks or with other guests. Typically people will have a handful of pins out on a lanyard or other display and can offer a trade for a specific pin someone else has, generally it’s a pretty straightforward exchange.

When did pin trading become a thing?

Pin trading at the Disney Parks resorts started during the Millennium Celebration at Walt Disney World. It quickly became a hot fad, with nearly every visitor buying a lanyard and jumping on the bandwagon. It seemed that every kid in the park was wearing a starter pin set and hitting up every available cast member to trade for better, rarer pins.

Is pin trading still popular?

The popularity of pin trading has ebbed and flowed over time, but it is popular in 2024.

What kinds of pins are available for purchase?

Disney currently sells thousands of different pin designs from classic Disney characters, attractions, or special events such as the 50th anniversary. Beyond that there are a slew of Marvel and Star Wars offerings. If you can imagine it, Disney probably has a pin for it.

What is the cost of the pins that are available at WDW?

WDW pins are currently sold at three color-coded “tiers”: Silver ($11.99), Yellow ($14.99) and Pink ($14.99). There are also special edition pins that come with a heftier price tag. You can also purchase a starter lanyard with up to 8 pins for around $25.

How do I find a cast member to trade with?

****Cast-to-Guest lanyard pin trading will fully return to Walt Disney World on April 7, 2024. SInce Covid most pin trading is done through pin boards rather than Cast Members wearing lanyards bedecked with tradable pins. Every “land” in each of the parks has at least one gift shop with a pin board for trading. If you do not see a pin board behind the counter of a gift shop, ask a cast member. They will be able to point you in the right direction.

How do I trade with a cast member?

  • Simply ask a cast member at the counter of a gift shop if there is a pin board for trading. Then indicate which pin you would like to trade for and then offer them a pin of your own. Cast members always trade with guests, so it should be as easy as that. Remember they are only supposed to trade one pin per guest.

  • When you see a cast members who have lanyards with pins for trading. If you spy one, just simply ask if they are available for trading. Typically Cast Members will only trade one or two pins.

Where are the best locations to buy pins at the Walt Disney World resort?

Just about every gift shop will have a selection of pins for sale, but the best locations that we have found are:

  • The Emporium in Magic Kingdom

  • Disney’s Pin Traders at Disney Springs

  • Celebrity 5 &10 at Hollywood Studios

  • Pin Trade Camera Center in Epcot

  • Discovery Trading Company at Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park

What are button pins?

If this is a special trip like a first time visit, honeymoon, birthday, or anniversary, if you visit Guest Relations at any of the parks they will have special celebration button pins for you free of charge.

There are other ways to get button pins as well:

  • The scavenger hunts at the different Epcot festivals usually have series of small button pins as the prize.

  • If you visit on a special Disney day they will sometimes have limited edition commemorative button pins available. We have gotten button pins on the day the Force Awakens opened and on Mickey's birthday, for example.

Do you recommend pin trading?

Our family does not actually trade pins. We do, however, collect them. Each trip we take to the WDW resort we try to buy a few pins that represent new things we did or experienced. Pins for a new ride or a new hotel we stay at, for example. We have an entire pin notebook filled with memories from past trips, and have just started on a new one. They are a relatively inexpensive souvenir that are tied to specific memories on our trips. We also display our favorites in our home on our own pin board.


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