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MagicBand FAQ

Updated: Sep 7, 2023

What is a MagicBand?

A MagicBand is a lightweight, waterproof tech device you wear around your wrist like a watch which is linked to your My Disney Experience Account. It uses RFID magnetic fields to communicate with different things at the parks.

What all can you use a MagicBand for?

MagicBands contain your linked parked tickets, are a key to open your resort door, and allow you to charge things to a credit card synced to your hotel account. It can be used to redeem Disney Dining Plan credits. It is also used for redeeming Genie+ reservations, Individual Lightning Lanes (ILL), and to scan into virtual queues. It also can be used at PhotoPass locations to link your photos to your account and to sync ride photos.

Do I have to get a MagicBand?

No. All of those things can be done by using Disney MagicMobile Service on your phone or Apple watch, but we have found the technology is sometimes a little glitchy. Read more about how is use MagicMobile Serivce here

You can also request a Key to the World card at the front desk of your resort or at Guest Services. These cards are free and will do most of the functions of a MagicBand.

What is MagicBand+?

MagicBand + is the next generation of MagicBands. It does everything a traditional MagicBand can do, plus a little more. MagicBand+ light up and vibrate, interacting with different things at the park such as fireworks shows. Think of it kind of like a wristband at a Taylor Swift concert. MagicBand+ needs to be charged every night. We found that charging overnight gave the band enough charge for the following day. If you forget, or if the MagicBand+ dies for some reason, it can still do all of the functions of a regular MagicBand.

What does a MagicBand cost?

MagicBands are no longer complimentary for WDW Resort guests. MagicBands are offered instead at a discounted rate up to ten days before arrival. Pre-ordered MagicBands start at $9.99 for a solid colored regular MagicBand and range to $24.99 Pre-orders of MagicBand+ range from $24.99 to $34.99

For non-resort guests MagicBand+ can purchased at shopDisney here .

ShopDisney currently only carries have MagicBand+ and they range in cost from $34.99 to $54.99. Styles are subject to availability.

MagicBands can also be purchased at the parks and Disney Springs after arrival.

If I want to use MagicBand to purchase items, how do I link my card information?

You can only charge things with your MagicBand if you are a WDW resort hotel guest. Your MagicBand will be automatically linked to the credit card you have on file at your hotel. You can change it at anytime by visiting the front desk. You will also need to have a pin number on file. This can be set or changed at the front desk of your hotel or online at

  • Log into your My Disney Experience

  • On the dropdown menu click on the right hand side of the screen click on the blue profile button

  • Scroll down and clink on payment method

  • Click on Reset Room Account Pin

When using a MagicBand to charge purchases can you have a different card linked to different bands?

Yes, but this must be done at the front desk of your WDW resort hotel.

I’m using purchasing via my MagicBand and Disney put a hold of $100 on my card, why?

According to the official WDW website the hotel will put a $100 hold on your card upon arrival. If the charges on your MagicBand exceed the $100, another $100 hold will be put on your credit card, and so on. Payment will actually be charged to your card on the fifth day or upon checkout. You can read more about their policies here.

Is MagicBand worth it?

We think so. We love the convenience of not having to worry about keeping track of a physical ticket or worrying about managing the tickets on our phone. We love the ease of paying for dining or merch. We however, didn’t think the fun interactive part of MagicBand+ was actually worth the up change and the inconvenience of having to manage charging something else overnight.

Do I have to get a new MagicBand every time I visit?

That depends on how long it has been since you purchased the Magic Band. Regular MagicBands have a battery that works for approximately 2 years. The MagicBand will still function as a ticket or to scan for purchases for longer, but its ability to receive PhotoPass ride photos or other experiences will be more limited.

MagicBand+ with its rechargeable battery should not have this same problem, but the WDW website recommends changing it every six months or so to keep the battery life healthy.

I lost my MagicBand in the park, can I get a replacement?

Yes. MagicBands can be purchased in all of the WDW parks and at Disney Springs.

Are MagicBands transferable to another person?

No. MagicBands can not be transferred once they are linked to a MDE account.

How do I link my MagicBand to MDE?

Any MagicBand you pre-purchased with your WDW hotel resort package will come pre-linked to your MDE accounts. If you need to link a new MagicBand it can be done in the MDE app click on the lines on the bottom right corner. Scroll all the way down to My Profile. Click on MagicBands and More. From there click on Link Your MagicBand and Card. From there you can choose to Open Scanner to Link and tap your MagicBand to link it, or you can choose to type in the ID numbers on the back of the card.


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