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Magic Kingdom Dining

Updated: Mar 3

The Magic Kingdom has a lot of different dining options, from yummy iconic snacks, to hearty quick service locations, and some fabulously themed (with equally fabulous food) table service restaurants. Read more about dining at Walt Disney World here.

When thinking about where to eat at the Magic Kingdom you need to first consider the different kinds of dinning options. There are elaborate prix fixe meals, yummy quick service and snack locations. Then you need to consider your family needs and budget. We've broken down quick service, table service, character meals, and snacks.

A list of the different dining locations, types, and menus can be found at the Walt Disney World website.

If you are using the Disney Dining Plan, click here to read our overview.

Here are our favorite dining locations at the Magic Kingdom broken down by caragory.

Quick Service

Sleepy Hollow - This is a super small dining location without a whole lot of options but it is our favorite place to grab lunch over in Liberty Square. They have corn dogs, a sweet and spicy chicken waffle sandwich, and a fruit and nutella waffle that is to die for (it’s Disney, we can eat dessert for lunch, right?).

Columbia Harbour House - This place has been a little hit and miss in the past, but they recently revamped their menu and it is now mostly hit. Columbia Harbour House is situated across from the Haunted Mansion, so fairly central, and has seafood offerings that are definitely a step above normal theme park quick service.

Table Service

Liberty Tree Tavern - Found in Liberty Square, Liberty Tree Tavern offers family style dining with roast turkey, pot roast, and roasted pork and sides of mashed potatoes, stuffing, macaroni & cheese, and a seasonal veggie. All of this is topped off with the toffee cake, which is worth it all on its own.

Be Our Guest - This is a Signature location and for good reason, here you get the privilege of dining in the Beast’s castle in one of three superbly themed rooms. The first is the Grand Ballroom, you know the one that will have you singing Tale as Old as Time, the second is in the West Wing, complete with rose and spooky effects, and the last is the Rose Gallery, a room filled with fun portraits and a giant Belle and Beast music box that was created just for this location. On top of the chance to dine in the Beast’s castle, the food is amazing. They used to offer a quick service meal here, but since the pandemic there has only been the prix fixe meal offered at both lunch and dinner. It is pricey, and not everyone is sure that the bang is worth the buck you are spending here. But we love the ambiance and are huge Beauty and the Beast fans.

Character Meals

The Crystal Palace - Meet Pooh, Piglet, Tigger, and Eeyore at Pooh’s Friendship Day Celebration for breakfast, lunch, and dinner buffet. We love Winnie the Pooh and friends so this is one of the character dining locations we have visited most over the years. The food is good, which isn’t always a given at a Disney buffet, and the character interactions are always sweet and fun. Be aware, buffets are expensive at WDW. Current prices are Breakfast - $45 per adult, $29 per child (ages 3-9) plus tax and gratuity; Lunch/Dinner - $59 per adult, $38 per child (ages 3-9) plus tax and gratuity.


Gaston’s Tavern - Even if you are not hungry Gaston’s Tavern is a fun place to stop by, it’s got a small inside eating area that is straight out of the Beauty and the Beast movie, including Gaston’s giant chair and oh so dashing portrait. If you are hungry, Gaston’s tavern has brilliant giant cinnamon rolls that will make your mouth water.

Aloha Isle - If you are looking for the classic DOLE whip, this is where you find it over in Adventureland. In addition to the time honored pineapple classic, they have a few other flavors that are just as good.

Golden Oak Outpost - On the far end of Frontierland (or Adventureland, whichever one you are walking down) is a small building where you can find some great savory snacking options. Here you will find chili cheese fries and loaded chicken strips.

Spring Roll Cart - This isn’t listed on a map, but near the entrance to Adventureland this cart can generally be found (though it sometimes isn’t there which is sad). When it is out you will find some really interesting and really yummy, spring roll options, including the fabled cheeseburger spring roll.


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