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Updated: Mar 17

If you are looking for snacking food for purchase within the Disney parks there are plenty of options both sweet and savory. You’ll find the traditional Mickey ice cream bars, popcorn, turkey legs, and so on all over the parks. But if you are willing to look a little closer there are some excellent snacking options (not knocking Mickey bars, but there is more out there) that are great for a pick me up.

Very few things beat the taste of a Mickey ice cream bar on a hot afternoon at a Disney park, it’s just simple vanilla ice cream covered in chocolate, but something about the Mickey shape and the magic of being at Disney (plus the million degree weather) makes it the best ice cream you’ve ever tasted. While we love a Mickey bar as much as the next Disney Geek, there are so many snacking options in the Disney parks it’s hard to justify stopping for the Mickey bar every time you are hungry between meal times.  If you are using the Disney Dining Plan, and want more information click here to read more.

I also want to quickly talk about coffee in the parks. There is a Starbucks location at each of the parks and two in Disney Springs, so if you are a diehard Starbucks fan Disney has you covered. However, the official supplier of coffee throughout WDW is Joffery’s, which some in our party will argue is better than Starbucks. This is the coffee you will find at the resorts and restaurants and there are a number of Joffery’s kiosks throughout the parks. Even if you don’t think it’s better, there are more Joffery’s locations in the parks and the lines are generally much more manageable if you need a caffeine pick me up.


  • Typically there isn’t a whole lot of planning that goes into snack time, people are hungry so you find food. But we do like to make sure we hit up a couple of our favorite snack places each trip, and make sure to account for them in our touring plans. For our family these places are Gaston’s Tavern and Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe, a Disney trip just isn’t the same without a stop at each of those places. This just illustrates that it’s worth it to become familiar with the snack options around the parks because you never know where you will find a family favorite if you don’t plan ahead and end up at the ice cream cart every time.

Below are some of our recommendations for good places to grab quick services meals through the parks.


Magic Kingdom

Gaston’s Tavern - Even if you are not hungry Gaston’s Tavern is a fun place to stop by, it’s got a small inside eating area that is straight out of the Beauty and the Beast movie, including Gaston’s giant chair and oh so dashing portrait. If you are hungry, Gaston’s tavern has brilliant giant cinnamon rolls that will make your mouth water.

Aloha Isle - If you are looking for the classic DOLE whip, this is where you find it over in Adventureland. In addition to the time honored pineapple classic, they have a few other flavors that are just as good.

Golden Oak Outpost - On the far end of Frontierland (or Adventureland, whichever one you are walking down) is a small building where you can find some great savory snacking options. Here you will find chili cheese fries and loaded chicken strips.

Spring Roll Cart - This isn’t listed on a map, but near the entrance to Adventureland this cart can generally be found (though it sometimes isn’t there which is sad). When it is out you will find some really interesting, and really yummy, spring roll options, including the fabled cheeseburger spring roll.


Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe - If you follow the hordes of little girls (or if you are part of the horde) on their way to Frozen Ever After in the Norway pavilion, and veer left, you’ll find yourself at Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe. This is a great little pastry shop that often doesn’t have too long a line and has a small nice covered seating area in the back. We recommend getting the School Bread, this cream-filled coconut topped confection is a great way to sugar up for the trek around the World Showcase.

Crêpes à Emporter - This is the walk up window for the Crêperie in the new Ratatouille area of France. Here you can grab sweet or savory crêpes that make an excellent snack for sharing (or not, whatever your mileage).

Popcorn in Canada - This one is a bit obvious, but if you are looking for sweet popcorn this is a great place to stop. Most people will point you toward Germany for the caramel popcorn (which is also good) but we recommend the Maple Popcorn found here.

Choza de Margarita - For those drinking around the world this is a popular stop for the wide variety of margaritas to choose from. While we recommend it for that, here we are recommending the guacamole that is topped with mango and pumpkin seeds. It’s a great shareable snack, plus the added toppings make it extra yummy.

Festival booths - Unless you show up during one of the few weeks that falls between the festivals, there are dozens of food booths located around the park that have great food options for every pallet. I’m going to cheat and not recommend a single item because there are so many delicious mini dishes, and the booths are different for each festival.

Hollywood Studios

The Trolley Car Cafe - This is the Starbucks location at HS, so it can get kinda crowded, but this is where the Carrot Cake Whoopie Pie is, and this is well worth the wait.

Kat Saka’s Kettle - If you are a popcorn fan this place offers a new star wars-y spin over in Galaxy’s Edge. Here you can get plain old butter popcorn (except it’s green!), or grab a sweet and spicy variant with the Outpost Popcorn Mix. This is also one of the locations you can grab a bottled orb soda.

Woody’s Lunch Box - This is technically a quick service location, but if you are looking for a small and cute snack the Lunch Box Tart is a great way to go. Thay have a chocolate-hazelnut and a raspberry option. Plus, if you are looking for a more savory snack option, the Totchos are a good shareable option.

Animal Kingdom

Creature Comforts - This is the Starbucks location in AK, and if you are a Starbucks fan this is probably the easiest place to get Starbucks on property, the line is often not too bad and even when it’s long they seem to go quicker then other Starbucks locations on property. Aside from the caffeinated (or not) beverages, this is one of the locations where you can get a Mickey Colossal Cinnamon Roll, which is delightful.

Kusafiri Coffee Shop & Bakery - If you aren’t up for the wait at Creature Comforts, however fast it may be, or are just in Africa looking for something snackable, there are some good sweet and savory options at Kusafiri Coffee Shop & Bakery. This is the other location where you can find the Mickey Colossal Cinnamon Roll, but they have plenty of other great options.


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