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Quick Service

Updated: Mar 17

Let’s dive into meal options at the parks. If you are visiting WDW odds are you will end up at a quick service location sooner or later. We’ll talk about what you can expect at a quick service location, note that not all quick service is created equal, give you some time saving tips, and our favorite places to stop for a bite to eat.

When looking at dining options in the parks, quick service locations are the most affordable and easiest places to grab a quick bite to eat (see what we did there).

Quick service is just like it sounds, these are places where you can grab a “quick” meal without having to plan ahead. This is typically fast food type fare, but there are some truly great quick service dining locations throughout the parks if you go looking. Below we offer our recommendations for quick service dining at each park and in Disney Springs. Additionally, each Disney resort has their own quick service location. At the Value and Moderate Resorts the quick service is like a food court, with different counters offering different options. At the deluxe resorts the quick service location is typically smaller with fewer options. Still a good place to grab breakfast or dinner in a pinch, but these are not the main dining options at these resorts. We aren’t going to highlight any of these here, because we don’t recommend resort hopping just for the quick service, but it’s good to know there is a quick service option wherever you are staying or if you happen to be at a different resort for any reason.  If you are using the Disney Dining Plan, and want more information click here to read more.


  • We recommend having at least an idea about where you want to grab your quick service. A little pre-planning by checking menus and park locations will help you with finding food that will be appealing to your family that fits into your touring plans (we try not to crisscross the park too many times if we can help it).

  • Quick service locations can get very crowded, especially during peak travel seasons and peak eating times (i.e. breakfast/lunch/dinner). We recommend either trying to eat during off hours, or using Mobile Ordering.

  • In the MDE app there is the option to mobile order at almost all quick service locations. By ordering in the app ahead of time you are able to skip (most of) the wait that comes with dining at quick service locations.

Below are some of our recommendations for good places to grab quick services meals through the parks.


Magic Kingdom

Sleepy Hollow - This is a super small dining location without a whole lot of options but it is our favorite place to grab lunch over in Liberty Square. They have corn dogs, a sweet and spicy chicken waffle sandwich, and a fruit and nutella waffle that is to die for (it’s Disney, we can eat dessert for lunch right?).

Columbia Harbour House - This place has been a little hit and miss in the past, but they recently revamped their menu and it is not mostly hit. Columbia Harbour House is situated across from the Haunted Mansion, so fairly central, and has seafood offerings that are definitely a step above normal theme park quick service.


Sunshine Season - Located in the Land Pavilion, Sunshine Seasons has a wide variety of great options, which makes it a great place to bring the family if you all have differing food opinions (or just want a lot of options). They have good rotisserie chicken, salad options, pizza rolls, and even some asian dishes.

Festival Booths - Epcot almost always has a festival going on and there are festival specific booths set up all over the park with some excellent small plate options. It’s worth checking online or finding a festival guide map to see what food is being offered where.

Hollywood Studios

We are going to preface Hollywood Studios by saying we are not really big fans of the quick service places here. They have cute themed choices at Galaxy's Edge that many people like, but found it wasn't our cup of tea. There are various other choices around the park, but even when they try to make it interesting the food somehow falls flat for us. The one exception to this is Woody’s Lunch Box.

Woody’s Lunch Box - In addition to cute theming, the food at Woody’s Lunch Box, over in Toy Story Land, will make you feel like a child again. Offering a twist on poptarts, tater tots, and the all american sandwich there are plenty of options for the family. The totchos are a fan favorite and pairing the grilled three-cheese sandwich with the tomato-basil soup will bring all the childhood memories racing back. Beware that this is a super popular spot so finding a table can be hard.

Animal Kingdom

Satu’li Canteen - Located in Pandora, this place offers a unique fare that if you can get picky eaters past the look of, tastes great. There are a number of customizable bowls and steamed pods to choose from.

Flame Tree Barbecue - Sitting on Discovery Island, Flame Tree Barbecue offers just that, barbecue. It’s a good solid place to grab a bite to eat.

Disney Springs

The Polite Pig - This spot isn’t far from World of Disney and offers a bunch of different barbecue and sandwich options. There is often a line running out the door because of how popular it is, but the line goes relatively quickly and the food is worth it.

Earl of Sandwich - This has been a fan favorite spot for years, located in the marketplace area down near the Christmas store. Per it’s name, Earl of Sandwich has over a dozen different sandwich and wrap options in addition to a handful of salads to choose from. The Holiday Turkey sandwich is especially good.


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