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Genie+ and Individual Lightning Lane FAQ

Updated: Apr 2

Genie+ is Disney’s paid service that allows guests to skip the standby queue and more quickly ride attractions via the Lightning Lanes - previously called the FastPass system. Let's look at frequently asked questions about Genie+, how to use it, and if it is right for your family. For more information about the MDE app click here. For information about Virtual Queues click here.

What is the difference between Genie and Genie+?

  • Genie is a free service provided by Disney that is found within the My Disney Experience App. Genie makes suggestions to plan your day at the park, taking into consideration current wait times and in theory your interests. We did not find it to be a particularly useful tool, making suggestions that were on the other side of the park or things we were not at all interested in. For a less experienced park visitor, it may, however, be a useful tool. Especially for those visitors that did not come with a plan in mind. When paired with Genie+, however it becomes very helpful, it makes it easy to compare wait times vs when lightning lanes are available.

  • Genie+ is a paid service that allows you to schedule an arrival time window of an hour for some of the rides and experiences at the parks, called Lightning Lanes (LL). You arrive at the designated window and then enter the attraction queue through a separate entrance, bypassing the majority of the line.

What is a Lightning Lane?

  • Lightning Lanes are scheduled entry times to particular rides or experiences. These are selected using the My Disney Experience app. Most of these are included with Genie+ but some are Individual Lighting Lanes.

What is the new "Multiple-Park" Genie + option?

  • Starting June 27th, guests will be able to purchase Genie + either a single park, or a multiple park version. Guests with a single park per day ticket will purchase Genie+ for one park and will only be able to schedule lightning lanes at that park. Guests with Park Hopper or an Annual Pass will have the option to buy a "Multi-park" version at a slightly higher cost. They will then be able to book Lightning Lane reservations at a different park after 2pm.

What does Genie+ cost?

  • That depends on how busy the park you are purchasing it for is that day. They run from $15 a person to up to $35 a person per day. Prices vary park to park The Multi-Park Genie+ option will cost slightly more.

Who can buy Genie+?

  • Anyone with a valid park ticket and reservation can purchase Genie+. You do not have to be a Resort Guest on property.

When can you buy Genie+?

  • At just after midnight on the day you are planning to visit that park. It is purchased within the My Disney Experience App.

How do I buy Genie+?

  • Make sure you are logged into the MDE app and have checked to make sure your planning part is linked. (Read how to link your planning party here). Click on the lines in the bottom right corner. select My Disney Genie Day, click on My Day, then click on Get Genie+ for Today.

How and When do you Schedule Lightning Lanes?

  • You can schedule your first Lightning Lane (LL) at 7am on the day you are visiting that park. Make sure you purchase Genie+ before that, getting those popular LL such as Slinky Dog is super competitive and they fill up quickly on a busy day. Click on Tip Board. There you will find the attractions listed in alphabetical order. Those attractions for which LL are available will show you a come back time. Click to schedule the LL. You can schedule the next LL as soon as you have scanned in for the first one, or two hours after the park opens.

How do you Stack Lightning Lanes?

  • If your original LL is scheduled for later in the day, you can book another LL two hours after park opening as we mentioned. If it is also scheduled for the afternoon, you can book yet another LL two hours later. You could then potentially end up with multiple LL scheduled for later in the day.


To Maximize the benifits of Genie+ you need to be flexible about how you are approaching your plans for the day. You need to be willing to change your plans and head off in a different direction based on both stand-by line times and what lightning lanes are available. If you are able to be guided by this you will be able to experience more attractions with minimal time waiting in line.

What happens if I am park hopping?

  • If you have a valid ticket for park hopping or an Annual Pass, you can schedule a LL at the park you are planning to hop to AFTER 2pm. Staring June 27th you will need to purchase Multi-Park Genie+ in order to use Genie+ when park hopping.

Can I book a LL to the same attraction multiple times?

  • No. You may only use Genie + to book an attraction one time each day. But you can always join the stand by line in order to ride twice.

What is an Individual Lightning Lane (ILL)?

  • Each park has one or two premium attractions that are not included within Genie+ and are purchased separately. You do not have to have to use Genie+ to purchase these. The costs fluctuate depending on demand and run from roughly $10 to $25 per person. These include:

* Magic Kingdom: Tron and Seven Dwarf’s Mine Train

* Epcot: Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind

* Hollywood Studios: Star Wars - Rise of the Resistance

* Animal Kingdom: Avatar Flight of Passage

How do I purchase a ILL?

  • From the Tip Board in the MDE app, scroll to the attraction that ILL is offered, such as Tron. Click on the come back time to purchase the ILL. Remember that super popular attractions will fill up very quickly.

Do I have to use Genie+?

  • Absolutely not. It is possible to tour the parks without Genie+, almost every ride has a standby queue that can be used at no extra charge. The exceptions to this are Tron and Guardians of the Galaxy, both of which do not currently have a standard standby line, but do have a virtual queue (see our post here). Depending on crowd levels having Genie+ can make it easier to fit in more rides. However, Genie+ is not a requirement for having a good time. You can absolutely manage without Genie+ IF you have a good touring strategy and are more flexible with your itinerary. Be aware it will be more difficult to hit all of the super popular attractions without Genie+. We do recommend using Genie+ at Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios, especially if you are aiming to fit in a lot of those more popular attractions.

Click on the photo to download our Genie+ quick reference sheet.


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