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Disney Bounding FAQ

Updated: Jan 1

For years we’ve sort of adjacent bounded, as lovers of character-themed Minnie Mouse ears. Rapunzel, Pluto, Moana, BB8, Chewbacca, we delight in them. We often pair a new pair of themed ears with a t-shirt or spirit jersey that matches. But while we have had great fun with that over many trips, that’s not really bounding. We’ve recently dipped our pinky toe into the world of actual bounding. Let’s look at what we’ve learned and some of our ideas for our next trip.

What is Disney Bounding?

Unless it is at MNSSHP adults can not dress up in costumes at Walt Disney World What they can do is dress in the essence of a character, and thus bounding was born. One might dress in a light blue dress with a black ribbon necklace when channeling Cinderella, or in a polka-dot skirt and dark shirt when channeling Minnie Mouse. In theory this would not have to cost you any extra money, you can find pieces in your own wardrobe to create the feel of your favorite Disney characters.

What’s the difference between Cosplay and bounding?

Coplay is straight up dressing in an elaborate costume of the character. That is 1000% not allowed for adults on Walt Disney Property - except at the Halloween party. Bounding is clothing inspired by the essence of who a character is.

Okay, so I want to bound on my vacation. Where do I start?

Think about a Disney character and then look at your own wardrobe. Have a yellow sun dress? Pair it with a green belt and you’ve got a look inspired by Pluto. Have a coral colored shirt and a short khaki skirt - Moana. Red shirt and mustard yellow shorts - boom Winnie the Pooh.

Here are some of our ideas for our last trip: (We are still hooked on rocking those Minnie ears - but that is not necessary)

And here are a few pictures of how it turned out. I forgot the belt for my red dress, and I'm still grumpy about it. But we were pleased all and all! Let us know what you think!

We're working on putting together some boards with bound ideas on our Pinterest, so head over there if you need more inspiration.


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