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Universal Orlando Disability Accommodations

Updated: Feb 27

Does Universal have disability accommodations for neurodivergent guests who struggle with waiting in line?

Yes, Universal Orlando has a new system with an IBCCES Individual Accessibility Card (IAC) for guests who are unable to wait in a traditional queue.

How do guests obtain a IBCCES Individual Accessibility Card?

Guests must register for the IBCCES Individual Accessibility Card online up to 48 hours before arrival. Guests must be able to upload documentation from their doctor or therapist as well as a picture of the person needing the accommodations. Make sure you are requesting accommodations for things like needing breaks from standing in line and indicating a problem with crowds or enclosed spaces rather than not being able to STAND in line. Lines for attractions at Universal Orlando are ADA compliant, virtual queues are not considered a necessary accommodation at Universal for those of limited mobility. The accommodations requested need to reflect the guest’s inability to WAIT successfully in a line rather than a separate area using a virtual queue. When it is completed and reviewed, you will be emailed a PDF of the IAC.

Only IBCCESS can issue the IAC, it is not issued at the Universal Orlando Parks.

How do I register for the IAC online?

Guests register at

What happens next?

A Disability Expert from Universal Orlando should call you to sent up your accommodations. We, however did not actually receive a phone call. A couple of days before our trip I called and chatted with someone at Universal Orlando. They told us we would be able to complete that step onsite at Guest Relations. We were also told that for Universal Hollywood you would be required to complete this step over the phone, it could not be done in person.

How do you use your IAC at Universal Orlando?

You will need to show your IBCCES card either online or on the IBCCES IAC Accessibility Card app at Guest Relations. A printed copy of the card will not be accepted. Guest Relations will then issue you a physical card. You will then present that physical card at attractions and receive a come back time of the current wait time minus ten minutes. They physically write the time on the card, it is not done in the app. You can return any time after the allotted time and are funneled into the Express Pass line. If the wait is less than 10 minutes, you will be directed down the Express Pass line immediately. You may only have one disability come back time scheduled at a time.

What happens if a guest does not manage to preregister for an IBCCES IAC?

The Universal Orlando website states that there is no way to receive an IAC without preregistering. I would advise you to go to Guest Services and see if they have any options.

How does Universal's Disability Pass compare to Disney's DAS?

We found it definiately lacking when compared to DAS. The fact you have to dash all over the park to sign up for each individual attraction is time consuming and added a lot of extra walking into our day - and Universal already has a large landscape to transverse. Also we found the wait times once we were actually in the Express Pass line to be much longer than the Lightning Lanes at Disney. We were unable to get nearly as many rides ridden as we had planned, but it was a very busy day.

What accommodations are available for guests with other disabilities such are vision or hearing?

Universal Orlando’s website has information about the different accommodations that are available at Universal Studios Florida, Isle or Adventure, and Volcano Bay here.


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