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Find Your Must-Dos

Updated: Mar 17

Know in advance you CAN NOT do it all. Let us help you pick the “must dos” for your family so your trip can match up with your desires and expectations.

Walt Disney World is a giant place with four theme parks, 2 water parks, the Disney Springs shopping area, over 25 resorts, plus various other recreational activities, all spread over 43 square miles. Even if you focus that down to just the 4 main parks, there are still over 80 different rides and shows to experience, not to mention the variety of dining spots, shopping, and various other magical experiences Disney builds into their parks. All of this is to reinforce, you can not do it all, certainly not in one trip, and likely not in many trips.

For more that 15 years on Walt Disney World Resort TVs, a cast member Stacey took you on a journey through “four theme parks, two water parks, and Disney Springs to bring you the MustDo Disney attractions and entertainment at Walt Disney World that you, well, must do.” When the children in our family were younger they loved turning this on when we woke up and listening to her Must Do picks while we got ready. Sadly, Stacey and her Must Dos are no longer found on WDW resort television, but we've adopted this idea for our own planning advice.

To ensure that you and your family can experience Disney in a way that matches what you enjoy most, it is important to pick your “Must Dos.” These are the attractions that you will focus on getting done while you are at Disney World, and anything you experience beyond these “must dos” will be the icing on the top.

How many “Must Dos”?

We are a family of 5 and with a 4 day trip we typically stick to 3 “must dos” per person, so a total of 15 rides we prioritize over 4 days.

What are the options for Must Dos?

You should take the time to read through the posts about attractions for each park. We provide a little bit of information about the experience you can expect for each ride and some tips for when and how to ride each of them.

Do you have recommendations for Must Dos?

We sure do, below you can find some different categories for must dos and our recommendations at each park for them. These are often not the only rides that fit into the category, just the ones we recommend. But every family is different, so it’s still worth learning about all the different attractions before making your selections.

Must dos for thrill seekers:

If you are a thrill junkie, these rides are for you, each filled with twists, turns, high velocity, and thrilling drops. Magic Kingdom - Space Mountain Thunder Mountain Seven Dwarf’s Mine Train Epcot - Guardians of the Galaxy Test Track Mission: SPACE (orange) Hollywood Studios - Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster Tower of Terror Slinky Dog Dash Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance Animal Kingdom - Expedition Everest Avatar Flight of Passage DINOSAUR

Must do rides for families with littles:

These are some of the best rides that will both appeal to small people in your family and that they are allowed to ride on. None of these rides have a height requirement.

Must Dos for people who like shows:

Must Dos for people looking for the best experiences:

Must Dos for people who love the classics:

Must Dos for us:


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