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1900 Park Fare Character Dining - Now Open

We love character dining.  We think it’s a wonderful way to interact with characters in a more relaxed setting.  When we have traveled with family members on the autism spectrum we have found that interacting with the characters in this kind of setting was easier for them than waiting in line or being rushed though.  Over the years we have experienced just about every character meal on property.  Which is why we are so excited about the reopening of 1900 Park Fare at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort and Spa. 

1900 Park Fare reopened for breakfast and dinner on April 10 with a brand new character experience celebrating wishing and wish-makers.  The characters are ones whose stories center around wish-making. Cinderella, Mirabel, Aladdin and Tiana in her new Bayou Adventure outfit “celebrate the power of wish” and the new dining experience has been designated Wish Makers Enchanted Dining.  Early reviews indicated they do a phenomenal job interacting with the guests.

The most magical moment of the new celebration is a wish-making event narrated by Jiminy Cricket.  Guests are encouraged to hold their wishing star - a card provided to each table with the signatures of the characters in attendance - and Jiminy leads the group in a group wish.  He reminds us that not all wishes are granted right away, and we need to believe in ourselves.  The magical celebration wraps up with “When You Wish Upon a Star!”The celebrations repeats every hour, so every diner should be able to experience it.

In addition, the dining room has been refurbished and is themed around an early 20th century carousel and is decked out with new portraits and murals of beloved Disney characters.  Big Bertha, the antique organ which has been in residence in the restaurant since its opening, still presides over the place.

Both at breakfast and dinner there is an unlimited buffet with an assortment of yummy choices.  Do not worry, the infamous Strawberry Soup is served at both breakfast and dinner, so you’ll have the chance to snag some of this yummy treat whenever you go. Advanced reservations are highly recommended.  Both breakfast and dinner count as one table service meal on the Disney Dining Plan. Breakfast is $34 for ages 3 to 9 and $54 ages 10 and up. Dinner is $41 for ages 3 to 9 and $66 ages 10 and up - plus tax and gratuity.

We are so looking forward to experiencing this on our next Disney trip!


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