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Theme Park Reservations FAQ

Updated: Jan 25

Disney's new policy as of January 9, 2024- date based tickets including those purchased in resort packages do not require a theme park reservations.  What kind of tickets still do?  Want to double check and make sure yours do not?  We break it all down for you.

What are theme park reservations?

  • When Walt Disney World reopened after Covid-19, Disney needed a way to limit the amount of people that would be in each park daily. They introduced theme park reservations. Once a guest has purchased valid theme park admission, guests are required to go online or call and reserve a spot for the day they plan to attend. Needless to say, this was not a universally popular decision. Having to make reservations ahead of time limits guests' ability to be spontaneous. It also limited annual pass-holders abilities to just pop over to a park whenever they wanted.

  • Starting January 9th, 2024, Disney has stopped requiring reservations for date-based tickets. These are the tickets included in a Disney Resort Package. Reservations may still be required for non-date based tickets. This new policy, plus the easing of Covid-regulations allows Disney to discontinue this unpopular policy for the most part. Annual Pass-Holders and Cast Members will have select days that are “Good to Go,” and require no reservations after January 9th. And no reservations will be required for these groups after 2pm, except at the Magic Kingdom on Saturdays and Sundays. This does not affect black-out dates implemented by some kinds of Annual Passes.

What kind of tickets do NOT need theme park reservations?

  • Date-based 1-day tickets

  • Date-based multi-day tickets

  • Vacation package with date-based tickets

What kind of tickets need theme park reservation?

  • Student group tickets

  • Sport and Convention tickets

  • Florida Resident Disney Thrills Tickets

  • Disney Military Salute Tickets

  • Annual Passes

What do I need to do before I make a theme park reservation?

  • You need to have purchased a valid theme park ticket for the date and park you would like to reserve.

  • You need to have your planning party linked in your My Disney Experience. Click here for more information on linking your party.

How do I make a theme park reservation online?

  • Click on Make or Modify a Theme Park reservation

  • Click on Book Park Reservation

  • Create Your Party by clicking each person in your reservation

  • Select Your Date and Your Park

  • Then Review and Confirm

How do I make a theme park reservation in the My Disney Experience app?

  • Open the Walt Disney World app and login

  • Click on the + sign in the middle of the bottom of your screen

  • Click on Make or Modify Park Reservations

  • Click on Make or Modify Theme Park Reservations on the next page - this will open up the Walt Disney World web site on your phone, you may have to login again

  • Click on Book Park Reservations

  • Create Your Party and click continue

  • Select Your Date and Park and click Continue

  • Review and Confirm

Can I change my reservation to a different park?

  • You can always go back, cancel or modify your reservation to a different park if your plans change as long as the new park has availability.

How does theme park reservations work with Park Hopper?

  • Guests with Park Hopper tickets may go to another theme park after 2pm. No reservations are required to Park Hop. You must have scanned into your first park in order to Park Hop, so don’t plan to skip your reserved park and just go straight to another after 2pm.

How does Park Hopping work for Annual Passholders?

  • Annual Passholders can visit any park after 2pm without a reservation whether or not they visited another park earlier in the day.


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