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About Us

To all who come to this happy blog, welcome!

Hi, and welcome to our newly minted blog. Whether you stumbled upon us by accident or intentionally, welcome! We are a mother and daughters tag team who love Disney and have accrued more information about the parks than the average joe. So we decided to put that love and knowledge down on paper (digitally speaking) and share it with the world (you!). As a family we have been to Walt Disney World more than 20 times, almost always staying on property in a range of accommodation from value to deluxe.  You can track our family growth by looking back at our Disney trips. For us WDW is a place that represents family, joy, fun, and a plethora of memories to reminisce about and cherish forever.


I am a mother of 3, a kindergarten teacher, and an authorized Disney Vacation Planner affiliated with MEI-Mouse Fan Travel.  I am a lover of all things Disney which I conveniently passed down to my kids.  I’ve been going to Walt Disney World pretty much my entire life, for me it is a place to escape reality and spend time with my family making memories to look back on over and over again. I love planning trips and learning about ways to improve and enhance a Disney vacation. I’ve learned so much about doing Disney trips under so many different conditions: on a budget, with small kids, with a range of kid ages, with mobility issues, with a little cash to spare for splurging, with just adults, and so much more. I’m excited to share my knowledge and experience to help others plan their own trips and make the most of the happiest place on earth.

Favorite park: Magic Kingdom

Favorite ride: Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind

Favorite resort: Disney’s Wilderness Lodge

Favorite restaurant: 50’s Prime Time

Favorite snack: Nutella waffle from Sleepy Hollow

Favorite character: Moana or Winnie the Pooh


When living in real life I'm a research scientist and in my spare time I play with my fur babies, crochet, and digital scrapbook (usually our latest Disney trip).  When at Disney I’m helping to make the plans and adjusting on the fly. I take perverse delight in snagging the last minute impossible to get reservation and determining how to fit the most in the day without wearing everyone out in the process. I’m often the one dragging the family across the park because we need to see Fantasmic or because I snagged a last minute Splash Mountain Fastpass (rest in peace). I will also make them stop for every photographer so I can have lots of pictures for my scrapbooking.

Favorite park: Epcot

Favorite ride: Haunted Mansion

Favorite resort: Disney’s Riviera Resort

Favorite restaurant: Be Our Guest

Favorite snack: Nutella waffle from Sleepy Hollow

Favorite character: Belle

Kim 2.jpg

I’m the zillennial of the group, bridging the divide between millennials and zoomers. I’m married and spend my days working as an automations engineer and then diamond painting or cuddling my fur babies to unwind. I have anxiety, which kicks into high gear in crowded situations so I usually avoid places where I’m squished in with lots of people. I make an exception for Disney because even though the crowds can be triggery, and I sometimes have to make the choice to walk away for my sanity, it is one of my happy places and the joy I get usually outweighs any feeling of being overwhelmed. I love accruing Disney spirit jerseys and Minnie ears (I jumped on that bandwagon before it was a bandwagon) and enjoy Disney bounding when at the parks. 

Favorite park: Hollywood Studios

Favorite ride: Expedition Everest or Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind

Favorite resort: Disney’s Port Orleans Resort - French Quarter

Favorite restaurant: Yak and Yeti Restaurant

Favorite snack: Ottawa Apple from Popcorn in Canada (drink’s count as a snack right?)

Favorite character: Rapunzel

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