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Epcot - World Showcase

Updated: May 26, 2023

The entire back of the park is where you will find the World Showcase, filled with 11 different pavilions representing different countries from around the world. While there are only a few actual rides scattered throughout this area there is so much to see and explore in the World Showcase.

Why not stop in Germany and grab yourself a bratwurst and beer, or head to Japan and enjoy the Matsuriza playing traditional Japanese drums, or stop off in China and immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of China with the Reflections of China Circle-Vision 360º film. There is also an array of dining choices in the World Showcase, from snacking at the festival booths, the many different quick service options, and some exceptional table service restaurants.

Below we give an overview of each of the pavilions found in the World Showcase.



If you head left first in the World Showcase you will come to the Mexico Pavilion, bienvenida a Mexico! Featured here is a Mesoemerican style pyramid, which serves as the facade to a large building housing most of what the Mexico Pavilion has to offer. In true Disney style, once inside you will find yourself at an outdoor twilight-lit Mexican marketplace. There are a number of small shopping places where you can buy a variety of products from sombreros, to intricate glass figurines, to musical instruments. Past the marketplace you will find San Angel Inn Restaurant, and to the side of this is the entrance to the Gran Fiesta Tour Starring The Three Caballeros. Outside the pyramid there are a couple more dining options. We highly recommend Choze de Margarita if you are looking for a good margarita and guacamole, and La Cantina de San Angel is a great table service (TS) restaurant (reservations recommended).


Moving past the Mexico Pavilion you will find yourself in the Norway Pavilion, som plommen i egget (like the egg in the yolk)! The Norway Pavilion is one of the most popular pavilions as it is home to the Frozen Ever After Attraction and the only Elsa and Anna meet and greet in the parks. If you or your kids love Frozen this pavilion is a must! Norway is also where you will find Akershus, which is one of the few character dining locations with princesses. Beyond the Frozen themed attractions and princess dining, you will find some fun Norwegian themed shops and the Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe, where they sell, among other delightful pastries, School Bread - go get yourself some, you are welcome.


Nǐ hǎo! Up next is the China Pavilion, marked by a grand ceremonial entrance way. Beyond the gate, the Temple of Heaven draws your eye to the right. Inside you will find the entrance to Reflections of China and the Mulan meet and greet location. Out in front of the temple there is a short but lovely walking path, and to the left is where you will find shopping and dining locations.

Situated between China and Germany you will find a little Outpost area. This isn’t anything special, but does have a couple snack carts and a small shopping area.


Ein Bier bitte! Best known for their beer, the Germany Pavilion is a great place to grab stein and take a load off for a bit when making your way around the World Showcase. The pavilion features architecture from different eras and regions around Germany but draws most heavily on the Bavarian region with the fairytale-esque facades, the Saint George fountain in the middle of the platz (plaza), and the glockenspiel (clock tower) which chimes every hour. While you are here you can stop over and see Snow White, pop into Karamell-Küche to grab something made of, or covered in, caramel, go shopping for a cuckoo clock, or grab some traditional german food at either Sommerfest, Quick Service (QS) or Biergarten Restaurant (TS).


Buon appetito over in the Italy Pavilion which is home to two mouth watering Italian restaurants, not to mention a wine cellar and a gelato place. The architecture here is reminiscent of Venice, complete with the iconic bell tower and a facade of the Doge’s Palace, bridges going over short little canals, and of course the gondolas. Can it get more Italian?

American Pavilion

At the head of the World Showcase Lagoon is the American Pavilion, it’s a good way to know when you have hit the halfway point. Inside the grand colonial style building you’ll find the American Adventure, which is a great show about the history of America. To the left of the American Adventure is the Regal Eagle SmokeHouse, (QS) a salute to all barbeque but mostly American barbeque (take a good look at the Regal Eagle, it's none other than Sam Eagle from the muppets). The American Pavilion is also where to find the American Gardens Theater, the location of the concerts attached to the various festivals.


Heading on past the halfway point and you will find yourself in the Japan Pavilion. At the right time of day you may hear it before you see it as the Matsuriza will play the traditional Japanese drums at the pagoda. In addition to the pagoda, another standout feature of the Japan Pavilion is the torii of Itsukushima Shrine that sits along the water's edge. Heading the other direction, back into the pavilion you will find some secluded walking paths behind the pagoda on the left, and the giant Mitsukoshi shop on the right, and a plethora of dining options on all sides, itadakimasu - let’s dig in!


Next up is the Morocco Pavilion, salaam uwaleekum (peace be upon you). This is one of the most intricate and detailed pavilions with hand laid tile work, narrow paths back to hidden market stalls, and a minaret that is a replica of the Minaret de la Koutoubia. Fun fact: it is the only pavilion where that country’s government participated in the design. Wind your way back into the pavilion for some fun shopping and quiet areas to kick up your feet for a bit. In the back you can also find the Jasmine meet and greet location. The pavilion has two table service dining locations, Spice Road Table (TS) which sits on the water, and Restaurant Marrakesh which has been closed since 2020, but we hope will be returning.


Tout le monde peut cuisiner (anyone can cook) over in the France Pavilion, where the new Remy's Ratatouille Adventure ride opened up a couple years ago and makes France another of the most popular pavilions. The France pavilion is the epitome of picturesque Parisian elegance, complete with the iconic Eiffel Tower rising above the stone buildings. In addition to the new attraction you will find several delectable dining locations, including a patisserie, a creperie, an ice cream shop, a wine shop, and some fine dining options -if you can’t cook you might as well eat. You will also find shops selling authentic french goods, and in the back you will find the Palais du Cinema where you can view Impressions de France or the Beauty and the Beast Sing-Long - they alternate in the same theater. Out in front of France, along the water you can find the Belle meet and greet location, while over to the side on your way to the Remy section of the pavilion you can find where Aurora meets guests.

International Gateway

Near the back of the park, situated between the France Pavilion and the UK Pavilion, you will find the International Gateway. This is the second entrance/exit to Epcot. Beyond this entrance/exit you will find the skyliner (which can take you to Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Disney’s Riviera, Caribbean Beach, Pop Century and Art of Animation Resorts) and then boats and walking paths to the Epcot area Resorts (Disney’s Beach, Yacht, and Boardwalk Inn Resorts). Sometimes out near the International Gateway you can find a Daisy meet and greet.

United Kingdom

Up next take a stroll through some English gardens and grab a pint at the local pub in the United Kingdom Pavilion. As you walk through the street leading to the back area, you’ll find you are taking a trip through time as the shop facades transition from Victorian, to Tudor, to Georgian architecture. In the back area there is a park complete with a hedge maze you can wander through. While there is no formal attraction show or ride in the UK Pavilion, there is plenty to keep you occupied between the shopping, character meet and greets (you can catch Mary Poppins and Alice over here), live music often playing in the back, and quintessential english dining over at Rose and Crown (TS).


The final pavilion, or first if you decide to go right around the World Showcase, is the Canada Pavilion. Set against a backdrop of idyllic mountains and waterfall sits the Hotel du Canada, a towering structure that can be seen from around the showcase lagoon. Closer to the front of the pavilion is a more rugged facade with totem poles and log cabins reminiscent of what you might find in Canada’s great outdoors. This is perhaps the most overlooked pavilion even though it does feature an attraction, Canada Far and Wide a Circle-Vision Show, and a signature table service restaurant, Le Cellier. It's a great area to escape the crowds if you wander back into the pavilion either through the gardens or past the hotel.


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