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Virtual Queue FAQ

Updated: Mar 17

In recent years, when a new attraction first opens at Walt Disney World there is no standard standby queue available. To experience these attractions you have to either purchase an Individual Lightning Lane (ILL) or snag a spot in the virtual queue.

What is a virtual queue?

This is literally a virtual spot in line for an attraction. Guests join the virtual queue via the My Disney Experience app and then return when their group is announced.

Why are there virtual queues?

This is how Disney does some crowd control for new attractions to avoid 3+ hour long lines. This way you join the virtual queue and wait until your group is called to go join the line instead of waiting all that time in the line. Unfortunately it does mean some people miss out on the experience because they cannot get a virtual queue spot, but that is preferable to guests standing in a super long line and missing out on the attraction because the park closed.

What rides use a virtual queue?

Currently the two attractions that have a virtual queue are TRON Lightcycle Run in the Magic Kingdom and Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind in Epcot.

Who can book a virtual queue?

The virtual queue is free to all guests, but since this ride is so popular the queue fills up quickly (like in seconds quickly).

When can you book a virtual queue?

If you are trying to join you have two opportunities, the first is at 7am and the second at 1pm. For the first earlier time slot you do not have to be in the parks (which is good since the park isn’t open), you can join from anywhere. The second time slot requires being scanned into the Magic Kingdom before you can try to join.

How do you get a spot in the virtual queue?

On the day a guest wishes to ride, they should login into the My DIsney Experience App slightly before 7am. Guests must have valid theme park admission and reservations on that day. After making sure they have all of their planning group in the app (Click here for more information on linking your party) and have navigated to the virtual queue area of the app, the guest will click on the join queue button at exactly 7am. Guests must make sure to have selected the correct park, in this case Epcot. This is a high demand virtual queue and guests must be logged into the app and prepared to click at precisely 7am. Even then guests may not be placed into the queue. Guests will have a second chance to join a virtual queue at 1pm. For the second virtual queue release time, Guests will need to be scanned into Epcot in order to attempt to join. Guests can only join the virtual queue once per day, so if they get into the queue at 7am, they cannot try again at 1pm.

How do you know when to return to ride the attraction?

If you snag a spot in a virtual queue you will be given a group number and an estimated return time. You will get a notification in your My Disney Experience app when your group number is called and you will have an hour window to return to the ride and join the physical queue. You should keep watch on the app for your return window because it is common for your group to be called before the original estimated return time.

What happens when I arrive at the attraction?

When you arrive at the attraction there will be two areas to check in, a regular entrance and the ILL. You will need to proceed to the regular entrance and have your magic band or ticket scanned to enter. You will then join a physical line once you enter the queue. How long fluctuates depending on how many guests have recently checked in. This is not an ILL, so expect it to take from 30 minutes to an hour to get through the line to the actual attraction.

Can you be late to a return time?

We recommend not being late if you can avoid it. Recently, they have been willing to be flexible on the return time for Guardians of the Galaxy. However, they have been much more strict on the return time for TRON, turning people away even if they are only a few minutes outside of the return window.

Can you ride if you do not get a virtual queue?

If you cannot snag a virtual queue, or want more of a guarantee that you will get to ride (or want the possibility of riding more than once) there is Individual Lightning Lane (ILL). The ILL is available for purchase in the MDE app at 7am for that day. You can only purchase one per ride available, and Disney has date-based pricing for these.

Can I ride a virtual queue attraction twice?

You cannot book a virtual queue both at 7am and 1pm. Guests may only ride the same attraction once using a virtual queue on a given day. However, if you wish to ride the ride twice in the same day, you can both sign up for a virtual queue and purchase an ILL. Typically you would need one member of your party signing up for the virtual queue and another purchasing the ILL in order to manage this successfully.


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