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Multiple Park Genie+

Updated: Jul 14, 2023

Disney is making some changes to Genie+. Starting June 27th, guests will be able to purchase either a single park, or a multiple park version. For guests with a single park per day ticket. This Genie+ option will continue to work like the original Genie+, but guests will not be able to book experiences or attractions at a different park after 2pm. Guests with Park Hopper will be able to buy a "Multi-park" version at a slightly higher cost. They will then be able to book Lightning Lane reservations at a different park after 2pm.

Like with the original Genie+, availability is limited and may sell out on busier days for some parks. If Genie+ sells out at a park, the multiple park option will also be sold out for that day.

Disney'a web site also states, "With this update, prices may now be lower at some Walt Disney World theme parks compared to others."


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